About Us

The Heathers is a small sub association of Southern Highlands, and a well maintained, gated community.

The Heathers

We are on the South End of Las Vegas off the I-15 to the West on Southern Highlands Parkway.
Our schools are among the newest in the valley.
There are 176 homes ranging in size from 1,540 square feet to 2,200 square feet with a mixture of single and two story homes.

The community is not age restricted and there is a mixture of adults from ages eighteen to eighty, in addition to children of various ages.
The speed limit within the community is 15 mph due to the presence of children and various safety issues.

This small attractive quiet community is located east of Valley View and south of Sun Castle. The major cross street intersecting Valley View are Cactus to the north and Southern Highlands Parkway to the south.
The Clark County Fire Station 65 is located within one mile of the Heathers community. We are close to shopping and immediate amenities.

Southern Highlands, the master HOA, provides security and landscape inspections within the master community, as well as within the individual sub-communities. Southern Highlands HOA is also responsible for maintaining the surrounding common areas, streets, and parks.

The Heathers provides common area landscaping within the gated area and directly outside the community’s main entrance, as well as street sweeping, street light maintenance/repair, street and sidewalk maintenance/repair, and minor weed control on individual property frontage only.

The Heathers HOA has an active five member board that meets once per quarter to discuss relevant issues affecting the Heathers community and individual residents. All residents are invited and encouraged to attend the HOA meetings; therefore, two of the quarterly meetings are scheduled in the A.M. and two are scheduled in the P.M. to accommodate the various work schedules of the residents.
Meeting times and places are published and disseminated in advance.
There are very few vacancies within The Heathers and the majority of the homeowners are current with the monthly HOA fees, which equates to the Heathers being fiscally sound in all respects.

The current monthly assessments for The Heathers is $50 and $60 for Southern Highlands.

Welcome, and to gain entry into our sanctuary call 702-304-9455 ext 0 during regular business hours (9 – 4) Monday thru Friday.