The Heathers Frequently Asked Questions

What are landscaping restrictions?

The Heathers Landscaping

The Heathers does not currently regulate landscapes.
Refer to Southern Highlands Rules.
Go to for forms and answers. The Heathers would like to review the forms before being submitted to Southern Highlands.

What are rules for street parking?

The Heathers Parking
Within The Heathers community, street parking is restricted to guests only and only on the sidewalk side of the street.

Guests may park for three continuous days within a 45 day period, including overnights.
Daytime guests (no overnights) may park up to 5 days within a 12 day period.

Those vehicles coming close to these time limits will/may receive a warning sticker on the driver’s side window. When the limit has been reached a regular traffic ticket will be placed under the front windshield wiper blade. If the vehicle is not removed by the time written on the ticket, it will be towed at owner’s expense.

It is up to the resident to inform their guest of these rules.
Look under Documents for list of Rules.

How are gate codes obtained?

The Heathers GateCurrently gate codes are individually assigned to each resident.
There is no general code.

Your (resident) code is a three digit number from 001 to 176 and tied to the last three numbers of your phone number. Your name and first initial and phone number will be entered into the gate control box.

A guest can scroll through the names listed and when they reach your name it will display your code number. They punch in that number and your phone will ring, answer, verify the caller and push 9 on your phone and the gate will open. When assigned your code, you will receive additional instructions on use of the gate. You must e-mail with your name, address and phone number.
Landlines and cell phones acceptable.
Your code will be sent to you via return e-mail within 24 hours, excepting weekends and holidays.

What do I do when I get a violation notice?

It is very, very rare when you get a violation notice from The Heathers. You will get some from Southern Highlands for landscaping infractions, lack of construction permission, and parking are the obvious ones.
You must reply to the letter in writing (no phone calls or personal visits) within 10 days with your intentions to correct or you will receive another letter (assuming you are guilty) and then subject to a hearing and a possible fine. E-mails are acceptable as a written reply.
If the violation letter is for weeds in your front/side yards your reply should state that The Heathers employs a landscaper to control the weeds in the community and must have missed your resident. Then report this information on our web site ( Sometimes the weeds become overwhelming and it would be helpful if you could help by pulling them.

What do I do if my street light goes out?

The Heathers Street Light
The Heathers employs a contractor to replace the light bulbs. His contract states that he comes by once every two weeks to check on the neighborhood. If your light is out for more than 2 weeks, again, report that to

If both you house address light and the street light goes out, report that immediately. We will inform the contractor and provide him with your name and phone number. His office will contact you for an appointment to get into your garage to replace a transformer.

It takes about 20 minutes and there is no cost to the resident/owner.

When can I put out my garbage?

Currently garbage is picked up every Saturday.
On the first and third Saturday, they will pick up bulk trash. All trash (except bulk) must be in the furnished trash bins.

Trash should be in plastic bags to prevent sticking in the bin while being emptied. Do not over stuff the trash bins because there is no way for the driver to know if it emptied.

Recyclables do not need to be bagged and are also picked up every Saturday. On bulk days all trash weight 50 lbs or less and/or tied in a bundle will be taken.

Call the trash company for instructions.

Where are my assessments (dues) spent?

First of all, none of your assessment go to the benefit of any Board members.
They don’t get paid a salary nor do they receive a reduction from paying assessments.
Your assessments are regulated by Nevada State Laws. They pay for a management company to collect and monitor spending, pay contractors for maintenance, telephone, electricity, water and landscaping. We are also required to put aside a certain amount of money for future expenditures, such as street repair.
Each of us own a share of the common properties and we do not get any assistance from the county.

Who do I contact if my neighbor's dog is a nuisance?

Since the Management Company nor the Board members are authorized agents of law enforcement there is very little we can do.
The most effective procedure is to approach your neighbor in a friendly manner and explain the circumstances. After all, we chose to live in a closed community and are expected to appreciate each other’s feelings and privacy.
If that doesn’t work, there is always Animal Control. Be aware of a couple of things, the dog has to be a nuisance when the officer shows up, and since the officers are short handed in may be a few days before they show up. The same thing applies when the dog owner lets his pet make a mess in your yard.
Everyone has to cooperate to keep our community from turning into a ghetto.

Who do I go to if I have a complaint?

Go to the web site and make your complaint in the appropriate spot. It will then be directed to the proper person or send an email to
All complaints must be in writing and included your name and address which will be kept confidential.


Our mail is delivered and picked up 6 days a week.

Our main Post Office is on the corner of Pebble and Bermuda for picking up mail box keys, holding mail for absences, such as vacation, business, and holding certified mail if unable to deliver.

The Postal Service recommends you retrieve your mail on a regular basis to prevent build-up of advertisements and bulk mail.


While we are a gated community and door to door solicitations are not allowed, they DO happen. Check your front door often and any empty houses for flyers stuck on doors.
Those incidents are advertisement to homesteaders and burglars. Let your neighbors know when you leave on vacation or business.